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Medhya Review by Cradle of Joy
Kiran Shaw - Mother, Blogger, and Ayurveda Enthusiast
Review by Tanuja Sodhi Nutrition and Fitness
Fitness Expert and Nutrition Consultant
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Love Medhya Bites! They are satisfying & my blood sugar level remains stable. I love knowing there are lots of healthy herbs in them too.
Jimmie Lene Read

Personal Fitness Trainer, Singapore
Thanks for sending me these 5 tasty ayurvedic Medhya Bites! I was initially a little hesitant to try them because I am not much of a ``sweets`` person. To my pleasant surprise, these are not sweet in the conventional sense because their natural sweetness comes from figs and dates; they don't leave a sweet aftertaste in the mouth and throat. I had the Amalaki bite and Brahmi bite while at work; the former as a late afternoon snack when I didn't feel like going down to the cafeteria, and the latter when I didn't have the time to grab breakfast after a morning core strength training session. I tend to get distracted at work if I am hungry. Both of these were sufficiently satiating for me (and I have a big appetite!), and let me stay focused until dinner and lunch respectively! The ultimate requirement and test for me of any nutrition bar is related to running! I generally eat two small bananas and two dates about 1.5 hours before my long runs. Before my 20K run two weeks ago, I ate an Almond Fig bite. I wondered how my stomach would take to it, and what would be my hydration/nutrition requirement during the run. When I eat bananas, I start feeling a little hungry after about 15K. I also take a few swigs of an energy drink at least once during a 20K run. During this run, I didn't need anything other than a swig of water twice during the run. There was no feeling of uneasiness or low energy. I liked it so much that last week I had a Moringo Choco bite and my husband had an Almond Fig bite instead of our regular bananas and dates. We both felt that this was good for our nutrition requirement for the long runs. The best part is that these bites have natural ingredients and no added sugar! They are a handy size to keep in the handbag or in the pocket, great when one needs to grab a quick bite before or after a workout, or just as quick breakfast or a mid meal! And yes, I liked Brahmi bite the most 🙂
Taru Mateti

IT Professional and Long Distance Runner, India
Amazing products! Great taste! And all natural! I love these products!
Alexandra Schmutterer

Yoga Instructor, Singapore
These bars are brimming with richness of nutritionally acclaimed herbs, spices, seeds and dried fruits that are crammed with macronutrients and essential micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. They are also suited for you if you have lactose intolerance, soy and gluten allergies as they’re free from dairy, soy, and gluten products.
Tanuja Sodhi

Nutritionist, Fitness Professional, India
Amazing products with rich nutritional value and are delectable as well. My kids love it too. Definitely recommended.
Kiran Shaw

Healthy Food Enthusiast, Mother, Blogger, India
I have been having the Moringa Choco bites on the days I work for 24 hrs. It helps me in feeling energetic through the day and with having less of junk to keep me going. I manage to do things the next day as well, ever since.
Vidya Iyer

Anesthesiologist, Singapore