What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word and compound of ‘āyus’ meaning life and of ‘veda’ meaning knowledge. It is a science of holistic healing and focusses on attaining the balance of an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual state through the combination of food and lifestyle choices.

The primary philosophy of Ayurveda is to address the root cause of the health concern rather than removing the symptoms. Herbal medication, treatment, and healthy lifestyle form as essential part of Ayurvedic prescription.

In Ayurveda, all bodily functions and parts of the body are believed to be composed of five basic elements of the Earth, Fire, Space, Water, and Air. These five elements interact with each other to result in three predominant physical energy forms called The Doshas, which also describes a person’s physiological and psychological set-up. Know your constitution here.

What are Ayurvedic herbs?

Ayurvedic herbs (Botanical ingredients) have much higher nutritional value than common food items and hence can be used as a dietary supplement for health maintenance. For example, Moringa Oleifera leaves have a high dry matter content (around 20-25%) compared to most other plant food sources (generally around 10%). This makes it even more beneficial as a fresh vegetable since 100 grams of fresh leaves will bring twice as much nutritive material as 100 grams of most other vegetables. Similarly, Bacopa Monnieri is known to contain a high amount of naturally occurring antioxidants, hence protecting brain from oxidative cell damage due to free radicals. Additionally, regular and moderate consumption of Bacopa Monnieri is known to nourish the brain.

What is the meaning of Medhya?

Medhya in Ayurveda refers to Ayurvedic formulations and elixirs that promote an active and intelligent mind.  In Ayurveda physical, mental, and spiritual well being is defined as a perfect state of harmony and dynamic integration of our internal and external systems. Balance is what we strive to achieve in our day-to-day lives to get the best out of ourselves on personal and professional fronts.

Medhya’s line of super nutritious bites takes inspiration from the core concept of “BALANCE” and holistic health, encompassing a creative mind and an active lifestyle powered by wholesome nutrition.

What are synergy blends? How are you creating Medhya synergy blends and why is it good for me?

Synergy originates from an Attic Greek word “Synergia”, meaning working together. The cumulative effect of synergy blends is much more potent and effective for our body as the individual ingredients mutually enhance each others properties and balance out any auxiliary effects. Medhya’s products are synergy blends with highest quality whole ingredients tailored to combat the stressors and ailments we face in the modern world.

For example, in BRAHMI BITES, Nootropic (intelligence promoting) herbs such as Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, and Ashwagandha have been blended with Omega 3 rich brain nourishing foods such as chia seeds, flax seeds, quinoa, and pumpkin seeds to nurture and protect brain, hence boosting cognitive abilities and mental alertness.

Additionally, combination of micro nutrients has been considered to result in best absorption by the body. For Example MORINGA CHOCO BITES composes synergistic blending of protein and macro nutrients rich foods and Vitamin C rich herbs. This unique combination promotes protein metabolism and absorption of Iron in the body. Additionally, it is packed with B Vitamins and Zinc for high endurance during workouts.

With seeds and herbs as the main ingredients, can Medhya bites have heaty effect on the body?

Medhya’s line of super nutritious bites takes inspiration from the core concept of “BALANCE” and holistic health in Ayurveda. “BALANCE” is the guiding principle behind the composition and choice of ingredients in Medhya bites. Heaty foods and herbs have been blended in just right proportion with cooling foods such as melon seeds, watermelon seeds, cucumber seeds, oats, and Amalaki; thus making Medhya bites balancing in nature and deeply nourishing for all body compositions.

Can I take Medhya bites during pregnancy or while nursing?

Medhya’s super nutritious bites have been designed so as to get maximum nutrition benefits through blending of whole herbs and whole foods. The concentration of individual botanical ingredients (herbs) in Medhya bites is limited to prevent any peripheral effects and exposure but deeply nurture the body and mind. Additionally, Medhya bites have been designed and perfected by accredited Ayurveda practitioners with decades of experience in healing. All our ingredients are natural and wholesome with no chemicals and no synthetic processing.

Whether consumed during pregnancy or during lactation, Medhya bites provide an all natural and wholesome alternative to synthetic supplements and also satiate your taste buds as you pick them.

What is the timeline in which one would observe health benefits from consumption of Medhya super nutritious bites?

Medhya super nutritious bites come highly effective when you make holistic lifestyle choices and pay attention towards nutrition from wholesome and timely meals. Ideally, one should observe positive changes within 2-3 weeks of beginning any Medhya bites that you picked up for their specific wellness benefits. On the other hand, MORINGA CHOCO BITES has nearly instant results on your stamina level and AMALAKI on your digestive system for its high constitution of fiber, antioxidants, and Vitamin C.

How should I consume Medhya’s super nutritious bites?

Medhya super nutritious bites have been presented in the formation of light snack bites that you can pick while your body and mind crave for something delicious yet satiating. While there is no set of rules on consumption except for suggested serving, here are few ideas on consumption to begin with. Do share your own recipes with us as you experiment to achieve your optimum state of health!

  1. Munch upon as a smart snack on the go.
  2. Pour over your fruits and cereal for breakfast.
  3. Add to smoothies, salads, or meals per taste.
  4. Pack in your lunchbox as a healthy dessert option.
  5. Accompany with your healthy drink in evening.
  6. Reward yourself and children with Medhya delicious and super nutritious bites.

What is suggested serving for Medhya’s super nutritious bites?

Medhya’s super nutritious bites have been designed to deeply nurture the body and activate its energy systems through a line of synergy blends. To achieve an optimum state of health and an active body and mind, one should also pay attention to their lifestyle and food choices. Our suggested serving and timings is mentioned per package. For example, for AMALAKI, chew in 3-4 pieces after every meal for multiple benefits as a mouth freshener, dessert after meal, and as a digestive to lighten you up.

What is shelf life and storage advice once you open your Medhya bites pack?

Our airtight and water resistant packaging provides an excellent barrier to the spoilers, extending shelf life up to 6 months from the day of packaging. Since both high temperature and humidity would provide an environment for the food ingredients to degrade, it is recommended to store your unopened packs in a cool and dry place.

Once the pack is open, do make sure to consume it within 2 weeks of opening and reseal the bag at the top of zip lock Considering Singapore’s hot/humid weather, you can also store your bags in refrigerator for an extended shelf life.