Delicious and Supernutritious

Wholesome Bites for Nourishment and Stamina
Free from Preservatives

Power your health with wholesome ingredients and nutritive natural sweeteners such as Figs, Dates, and Jaggery. Medhya Bites are free from Preservatives, Artificial Flavours, and Colourings.

100% Natural Wholesome Ingredients

Medhya bridges the nutrition gap in modern foods with reverred Ayurveda recipes. With passion for health & food, each unit of Medhya is crafted with utmost care, preserving the natural nutritive profile of ingredients.

Delivering Lasting Results

With an underlying principle to create perfect harmony of the functioning of bodily systems, Medhya’s formulations produce lasting positive change!

A face to face chat on taste and functionality of Medhya Bites at Trail-A-Thon 2017, Aravali Hills Gurgaon with long distance runners, health, & fitness professionals.

For Stamina, Immunity, Nutrition, and Brainpower!

100% Natural whole foods

Power your body and mind with wholesome nutrition!

Free from all kind of Chemicals and Additives
Eat natural and balanced foods for a healthy body and mind

Food is best assimilated in the body in its original state, making naturally balanced diet vital for body to excel and flourish. Isolated extracts in artificial supplements can profoundly impact our health in long run by interacting with our bodily systems.

Medhya Bites are 100% natural and wholesome

Medhya bridges the nutrition gap in modern foods with ancient principles of “Samyoga”, meaning to bring out the synergy in foods for best absorption of nutrients. “Nutrition from every Bite” is the baseline of each and every Medhya Bite.

Say No to Highly Processed Fast Foods

Modern foods contain numerous chemicals as flavouring agents, colouring agents, preservatives, and taste enhancers. Food ingredients are processed to such a degree that their nutritional benefit is minimum and their sole purpose is to please our taste buds.

No Chemicals! Only Goodness of whole foods

With no added chemicals whole foods are dried, pulverised, and mixed in the proportion of our proprietary formulations. Simple processing preserves the nutrition of ingredients and results in products that deeply nurture and heal.

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100% Natural Sugar Free Bites for Stamina, Immunity, & Nutrition!